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Will My Wedding Dress Be Okay If I Have It Cleaned Before the Wedding?

If you bought a sample from the bridal shop, your wedding gown on E-Bay, or a consignment shop, chances are that your wedding gown looks a little shopworn. Yet, strangely enough, people will tell you NOT to have your wedding gown cleaned! You see this all the time on wedding websites: “Don’t have your wedding gown cleaned before the wedding because the cleaner will ruin it.”

And we just wish we could post, too, because we would write that if you pick the right Specialist your wedding dress will look better than ever after it is cleaned. There is a list of questions to ask the cleaner at Bridal Gown Care Tips, but the main thing is to ask the Specialist if they do the work themselves and how many gowns they clean. A Specialist who cleans gowns all the time will recognize the name of your bridal gown’s manufacturer as well as the fabric in your wedding gown and will know exactly what solvents can safely be used.

If you want help finding the right person, call us at 800-501-5005 or click on Find a Specialist near you.

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