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Trash The


Trash the Dress or Treasure Your Wedding Gown:

Can I Trash My Wedding Dress and Still Preserve It, Too?

Yes, you can trash your dress and have it preserved afterward – just think twice before jumping into the ocean if you are wearing a silk satin wedding gown. If your wedding gown is not silk, go for it!

When the only unusual views your photographer wants to film are on dry land, don’t worry! A Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™ should have very little trouble removing whatever your wedding gown, silk or not, picks up from a beach or some grimy city surface.

bride and groom jumping off into the water
bride in vintage gown overlooking ocean

Water: Silk’s Foe

If you are wearing faux silk (a wedding gown made from an artificial fiber such as polyester), you can do pretty much anything you like–except cut it up or set fire to it–and still give your gown a happy ever after.

Water, however, is a very dangerous foe if your wedding gown is made from a natural fiber such as silk, cotton, or linen, and your wedding gown may shrink if you dive into water. If your wedding gown does get soaked, do not try to wring it out. Just hang it up to air dry and bring it to a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™ as soon as possible. With professional care, even silk can be made wearable again.

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