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Where Should I Go to have my wedding dress cleaned and Preserved?

Several years ago, the nationally-syndicated columnist Dear Abby printed a letter from “Duped in California,” who was devastated to find that her wedding gown was NOT in the wedding chest she had always thought was protecting her treasured heirloom. The letter [more] prompted many others to share their own disappointments, and on April 23, 2009, Dear Abby printed advice to brides which read in part: “To avoid being victimized, ask someone in the salon where your wedding gown is purchased to recommend a preservation.”

Good advice as far as it goes, but most bridal salons send their work to someone in another city or state, and you get back a sealed box. Dear Abby also printed our letter with even more specific advice.

“Dear Abby: ‘Duped’ is not alone. There have been many incidents of empty preservation boxes and stories of stolen or missing gowns, bridal veils, and other family treasures. Your readers can protect themselves by choosing a specialist who processes the gown locally and by asking to inspect it personally before it is put into the container—which should be completely acid-free and lined with fabric or acid-free tissue. For more tips on gown care and information about safe storage, your readers can visit our website,”

You may think stories of lost wedding gowns are just another urban myth, but we have talked personally with many victimized brides, and we know firsthand that you cannot be too careful when choosing a Specialist to care for your wedding gown.

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