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Vintage Veil


vintage wedding

veil restoration

When restored, vintage Brussels lace veils and vintage veils trimmed with Chantilly, Alençon, and other types of lace are lovely with today’s wedding gowns. Most vintage lace is made from sturdy cotton that can be safely returned to the true color. Point de Gaze (also called Rosepoint) and Duchesse, for example, nearly always restore beautifully.

Silk Illusion

Some vintage lace is appliquéd onto silk illusion, which is often too fragile for restoration, but the lace can be restored and then sewn onto nylon or polyester net. Our Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™ near you can help you determine the material of your lace veil and how to best restore it.

Vintage Wedding Tiaras

Not everyone chooses to wear the original tiara that is attached to a vintage veil.  Such tiaras can often be restored, but you may prefer to remove the tiara from the veil and attach the restored veil to a comb. If your tiara is covered with lace, you may wish to have the lace removed from the tiara, restored, and reapplied to the tiara.  Or a new ornament may be created from the restored lace.

Yellowed Alençon lace before and after restoration.
bride with an elegant wedding veil
beautiful tiara and wedding veil on a bride

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