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Vintage clothing

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Vintage clothing care

Would you like to wear your mother’s wedding gown or vintage veil or your grandmother’s but it was not cared for properly and is now yellowed and stained?  Or do you have a treasured family christening gown that needs to be freshened for the newest baby?  Our Certified  Wedding Gown Specialist™ can help. 

We offer careful cleaning to remove disfiguring stains and yellowing, and we can also help with any needed repairs and alterations.   In cases where fabric is missing entirely, our Specialists™ may use carefully sourced vintage or antique textiles to patch or replace damaged sections, always striving to preserve the garment’s authenticity.

Whatever the vintage piece might be, from wedding gowns to christening gowns to historic uniforms and quilts, we can restore the color and revive the memories and traditions associated with your treasured garment or cherished fabric.

Whether it’s cleaning and preserving or repairing fabric losses and addressing alterations, each step taken to restore your cherished textiles helps keep them alive for future generations to admire and enjoy.

toddler in a vintage Christening gown

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