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ZeroCarbon Wedding Gown Preservations

Ensure Your Gown’s Beauty and Help Safeguard Our Planet’s Beauty, Too

We asked, a ClimeCo brand and leading provider of carbon offsets, to help us calculate the carbon footprint of wedding gown cleaning and wedding gown preservation. We included everything including your trip to and from a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™, our cleaning procedures, and the manufacture of the wedding chest. Then we doubled the number just to make sure we covered everything!

Carbon Offsets: It’s an Eco-Friendly Thing

We buy carbon offsets from to account for the carbon footprint of your wedding gown cleaning and wedding gown preservation and that helps fund reforestation projects worldwide. We are the first in the industry to offer carbon-neutral wedding gown cleaning and wedding gown preservation, and our MuseumCare™ ZeroCarbon preservations are unique.