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Your Guide To Laundry Symbols


Extend the life of your gown and clothing by examining the importance of understanding care label instructions. Explore helpful tips and examples of prevalent care label instructions below.

Washing Symbols

Washing symbols found on labels are important because they instruct you on how to properly wash and care for your item.

The tub icon indicates how to wash your garments and the underscored lines and black dots specify the recommended water temperature. The X that appears on some icons means do not machine wash or bleach your garment.

These icons are helpful in deciphering the best temperature setting and approach when washing and caring for your items.

Washing Instruction Symbols

Ironing Symbols

The ironing symbols represent how to properly iron your clothing with recommended temperature settings. The X symbol over the icon means do not iron or steam when applied.

Iron Instruction Symbols

Drying Symbols

Drying symbols specify not how to dry garments but indicate whether they should be air or tumble-dried. The lines within the square icon indicate recommended settings for airdrying, and the dots with the square icon specify the best heat setting for machine drying.

Drying Instruction Symbols

Dry Cleaning Symbols

Dry cleaning symbols are typically pretty easy to read and simply indicate whether items can be dry cleaned or not. These symbols also specify the type of dry cleaning methods that are recommended or not recommended for garments.

Dry Cleaning Instruction Symbols

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