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Zacha’s Wedding Veil Restoration in Connecticut

Zacha’s Wedding Veil Restoration in Connecticut

Glowing Real Bride Zacha took the cruise of a lifetime for her joint wedding/honeymoon affair, and it sure looked like a blast! Zacha had her mother-in-law’s veil restored for the wedding, and then repurposed the bonnet from the veil for her recently born daughter’s Baptism. Orange Restoration Labs in CT did excellent work on this project.


Real bride Zacha with groom, dressed in all white, on a cruise on their destination wedding day.


“We had an amazing wedding / family-moon / vacation / trip of a lifetime! It started in Venice and took us through the Mediterranean until we made it to Barcelona. We were able to have a wedding that we never even dreamed about. It was perfect. My husband, Albert Angel Rivera IV, enjoyed Rome the best.”


Real Bride Zacha on her wedding cruise wearing the vintage wedding veil Orange Restoration Labs in CT restored for her.


“There was so much history and culture to absorb in Rome. My favorite was the picturesque Santorini, Greece. We went to an island called Oia… it just takes your breath away. We got to visit so many iconic places, like the leaning tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, the ruins in Athens and even the place where they record Game of Thrones in Croatia. The best food in Italy and the best desserts were in France and the wine in Greece was amazing.”


Real bride Zacha with her parents on her destination wedding cruise.


“Then we came home and were happy to make an addition to the family. She came in with a bang, too! Madison Angel Rivera decided to join the family on my 40th Birthday, which also happens to be February 14th.”


Real bride Zacha's adorable baby girl in bonnet restored and customized by Sally Conant of Orange Restoration Labs in CT.


“Valentine’s day will never be the same! Ha ha. So then, we had Sally restore the bonnet from the original veil for her Baptism.”



“My husband is an only child and, although his parents are not together anymore, they are still good friends.  My mother-in-law always wanted a daughter and we have become close.  She always dreamed of passing the veil on, and I feel like my husband sees it as a symbol of me embracing his family as my own.”


Real Bride Zacha admiring her restored veil with her mother-in-law.


“Everyone loved how the restoration of the veil by Orange Restoration Labs came out.”


Real Bride Zacha's beautiful wedding veil was a restoration and alteration of her mother-in-law's veil, expertly carried out by Orange Restoration Labs in Connecticut.

“I can’t wait to pass it on to my little girl.”


Photography credit: Ronaldo Perez, Norwegian Spirit