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Tracey’s Wedding Dress Restoration in Massachusetts

Tracey’s Wedding Dress Restoration in Massachusetts

Tracey had her family heirloom wedding gown restored at Dependable Cleaners in Massachusetts. Handmade in the early 50’s and last worn by Tracey’s mom in 1984, the dress had become so deteriorated over the years that Tracey thought nothing short of a miracle could revive it… Find Tracey’s heartfelt testimonial—with photos from her wedding and the full story of the gown—below!

Wedding Dress Dream: Testimonial by Tracey

Tracey’s dream was to wear her grandmother’s hand-sewn wedding gown from 1951. A genuine family heirloom, the gown had been worn by Tracey’s mother and aunt for both of their nuptials. Tracey hoped to one day continue this family tradition. By the time it was her turn to get married, however, she encountered a problem: the dress had been tucked away in a bag since her mother’s wedding in 1984. It was in such poor shape after the years of improper storage that, when she first pulled it out again,Tracey wasn’t sure she (or anyone else) would ever be able wear this dress. Luckily, our member Dependable Cleaners in Massachusetts came to the rescue, doing an absolutely terrific job on restoring this important piece of family history.

“From the moment I got engaged I knew that I wanted to wear my grandmother’s dress. It’s made of beautiful satin, has lace detailing, buttons all the way up the back, and a long gorgeous train. Not only does the dress have a long train, but it also has a long family history. It was handmade for my grandmother in 1951, was worn again by my Aunt in 1981 and again by my mother in 1984. I wanted to be the 4th generation of happily married women to wear our family heirloom gown.”

MG 1929


“When my mom pulled it out of the torn dress bag I began to doubt whether or not I’d be able to walk down the aisle in a yellowed and stained dress. There were 30 year old stains along the hem from the last use, yellowed creases in the skirt of the dress, and missing buttons.”


“After seeing the dress for the first time I took to the internet in search of a wedding dress restoration miracle worker and quickly noticed a common thread across multiple sites; Elton Crespo at Dependable Cleaners. The more research I did the more I realized that Elton was my best chance at wearing my dream dress on my wedding day.”


“From my first phone call to the last cleaning, Elton and Dependable Cleaners were a pleasure to work with. Elton provided details related to the restoration process, guaranteed that he and his staff would contact me with any concerns and gave me confidence that he would treat my grandmother’s dress as if it was his family’s treasure. I couldn’t have been happier with my experience working with Elton and his team. Not only was my experience great, but my dress turned out perfect and I was able to become the 4th woman to wear my grandmother’s wedding gown.”


“I cannot thank Elton and Dependable Cleaners enough for their expertise and wonderful customer service. If you are looking for someone to help revive a family dress, look no further than Elton Crespo!”


Photo credit: Abigail Kuzia Photography