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Shawna’s Wedding Dress Preservation in Iowa

Shawna’s Wedding Dress Preservation in Iowa

Shawna planned her wedding in just five short months and celebrated her spring nuptials last year in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Read more about her wedding below!

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When and where was your wedding?

We got married on April 20th, 2013 at A Touch of Class Banquet Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

When did you know that your wedding dress was “the one”?

I didn’t really have a moment where I knew my wedding dress was “the one”.  My mother graciously offered to pay for my wedding dress, so we basically went to almost every wedding dress shop in Iowa looking for a dress within the budget.  It was getting closer and closer to the big day and we were running out of time, so I ended up with a dress that fit perfectly and didn’t need any altering.

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What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

So you know the typical cake smashing that brides and grooms do when they cut the cake?  Well, I wasn’t about to let my husband smear cake on my face!  So when I refused to let my husband do it, my cousin took a cupcake and shoved it in my aunt’s face.  My husband then chased his mother around the reception room and got cake in her face as well!

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Why did you choose to get your wedding gown cleaned and preserved?

My mother took the time to get my dress taken care of when I was on my honeymoon.  I plan on keeping my wedding dress for my daughter, niece or even sister-in-law if they are interested in wearing it in the future.

Why did you decide to get your wedding gown cleaned by a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists?

Once again, my mother had a hand in this (she really wanted to make sure my dress got the best care!).  She did her research and found Iowa Bridal Preservation.  She was impressed by their level of service when they told her they did all the cleaning by hand and would preserve the dress in a specialty chest.  She loved the fact that Iowa Bridal Preservation also included gloves so that I could handle the dress without soiling it, whenever I wanted to.

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Photographer Credit: Rick Njos – All Image Photography