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Children’s Clothing Care

Christening Gown Restoration

Whether your family’s christening gown is a treasured 19th-century heirloom, a handmade silk coat and gown from the 1940s, or the christening gown you yourself wore as a child, we can remove the yellow stains and discoloration with our gentle restoration process that does not damage delicate fabric or dyes.

Communion, Flower Girl Dress, Ring Bearer Suit Restoration

Your antique or vintage children’s clothing can be also be restored with hand cleaning and hand pressing to look as bright and beautiful as your children. And there are no harmful chemicals to irritate the delicate skin of young children.


If you are storing vintage clothing or beginning a new tradition in your family with a christening gown, flower girl dress, communion dress, or suit selected especially for your child, choose us to give it special care. Fragile decorations such as flowers or metallic accents will be carefully protected from harm during the cleaning process. We also understand that spills containing sugar, salt, and acid will dry clear and cannot be seen when the stains are fresh. These latent stains do not dissolve during ordinary drycleaning and turn an ugly brown over time, but we know how to clean each precious garment so it will be not be disfigured with ugly stains.


Only completely acid-free containers and tissue are safe for long-term storage of fine fabrics, and we take the same care when we pack a miniature gown or suit for preservation that we do with a wedding gown.


As always our written international guarantee is honored by Certified Wedding Gown Specialists™ located in more than 500 cities around the world. Return your garments to any one of our members, and they will be inspected and pressed at no charge when they are to be worn again.