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Vintage Heirloom Care

Caring for Veils, Children’s Clothing, Uniforms, Linens, Quilts, Decorative Embroidery, and Doll Clothes

Careful cleaning is essential to prolonging the life of all of your family’s treasured fabric heirlooms–not just wedding gowns–and our archival-quality chests offer the best protection for your precious garments and linens. We have six different sizes that safeguard against accidental crushing or cuts from sharp objects. In some cases our chests, unlike plastic cartons, have survived fires; the chest was seared and scorched, but the contents were safe.

Do remember never to store your fabric heirlooms where there are extreme changes in heat and humidity: do not keep such things in the attic, which is too hot, or in the basement, which is too damp. Worse, pipes in the basement can break and flood your treasures with water.

Princess lace (tape lace appliqued onto net) with sugar stain

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