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Lindsay’s Wedding Gown Care in Florida

Lindsay’s Wedding Gown Care in Florida

Real Bride Lindsay’s nuptials this past spring seemed to be all smiles: from a ring bearer “malfunction” caused by a scruffy friend to the relaxed setting of a ranch, the whole day was one for the books. Lindsay’s wedding gown was unimaginably dirty after the outdoors festivities, so Oceanside Cleaners (our wonderful member in Jacksonville) had an extra tough job in this one. Needless to say, it was handled with flying colors!


When was your wedding date?

Beige cowboy wedding boots.

Real bride Lindsay putting on her cowboy boots for her barn wedding.


What was your wedding location and venue name?
Diamond D Ranch Jacksonville, Florida.


Wedding decor at Diamond D Ranch in Jacksonville, FL.

Bride and groom on wedding day outside sharing a kiss.


Who is the designer of your gown and where was it purchased?
Essense of Australia from Love a Bridal Boutique in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.


Closeup of hanging Essense of Australia wedding gown.

Outdoors portrait of bride with bridal bouquet.


When did you know that your gown was “the one”?
The moment I tried it on! I actually went to the salon to try on a different dress, and my MAN of honor found this one and made me try it. Instantly, I knew it was perfect! It was similar to the dress I went there to try on, but even better. At the time it was a brand new style for them. I especially loved the back!


Hanging Essense of Australia wedding gown framed by the window.

Real Bride Lindsay getting ready for her wedding day. 


What is your absolute favorite memory from your wedding day?
This is such a hard question! I think every moment of my wedding was amazing and I would not change a thing! However, I know if you asked any one of my guests, they would absolutely say the best part had nothing to do with me or the groom.

Real bride Lindsay and her groom during their wedding ceremony in a forest.


We decided to have our 3-year-old nephew be our ring bearer. However, we were a little anxious about actually letting a 3-year-old handle our rings, so instead we decided he could walk our dog down the aisle. For context, Rufus, our dog is about 9 pounds, 12 years old, arthritic and in general quite dependent. Basically he’s a sweet but grumpy old man.

Shaggy salt-n-pepper dog with his tongue out on wedding day.

What an adorable wedding party member!


As the ring bearer, Colton, was walking down the aisle he got about halfway and Rufus just collapsed right in the middle of everything.

Shaggy dog Rufus laying on the ground.

Shaggy dog Rufus laying on the ground at wedding.


Naturally, the crowd went crazy! Some laughing, some horrified, some just shocked. It took about 2 minutes before someone did anything, and in the meantime Colton throw the leash over his shoulder and started dragging Rufus like a lumberjack all the way down the aisle!

Adorable kid dragging a dark, scruffy dog by the leash in a field.


Eventually one of our aunts stood up and rescued the dog. To this day I cannot even type this without cracking up! I think it was the perfect start to our ceremony and really broke the ice to make it a fun and not-so-formal wedding.


Wedding party in white, pinstripes and gold.

Lindsay’s wedding party rocked an amazing color palette of glittery gold and soft pinstripes. The bouquets added the perfect pop of color.


Why did you want to get the gown cleaned and preserved?
I got married in a barn, so naturally my dress was destroyed by the end of the night. I had to have it cleaned. Eventually I want to frame it and have it hanging in my closet! One day I hope to pass it down for a future daughter. 


Bride and groom share a kiss amidst wedding guests in forest.


What made the wedding ceremony feel extra special?
I think for me the most special part of the ceremony was the location. I grew up riding horses at Diamond D Ranch, and spent many summers at their horse camp working long days out in the heat. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from there.

Bride on wedding day in her gown in a field of flowers, with brown horse.

Originally it was not the place I thought I would get married — it was isolated and far away.

But when we went and toured, all those moments came rushing back to me and I knew this is where it needed to be! The owners had known me since I was a little kid and it really just felt like going back home. My life was coming full circle and it was amazing!

Bride and groom walking together and holding hands on wedding day in a ranch with horses.

Bride and groom sharing a hug in a flower filled ranch field with horses.


Why did you decide to get the gown cleaned by a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists?
I spent a long time researching reviews and Oceanside Cleaners were far above everyone else! It is the most special piece of clothing I have ever had, so I wanted to make sure that no-one but the very best would touch it!


Bride on wedding day wearing wedding gown with flower girl and bridal bouquet.

Bride and groom on wedding day with officiant, holding hands and smiling.

Photography credit: Stout Photography