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Cassie’s Wedding Dress Cleaning in Ohio

Cassie’s Wedding Dress Cleaning in Ohio

Bride Cassie skipped the traditional long wedding gown and opted instead for a fun, flirty short dress for her nuptials last summer.  Read more about her dress and wedding in our Q&A below!

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When and where was your wedding?
We got married on June 8, 2013 at Vermilion on the Lake Historic Center in Vermilion, Ohio.


How long did it take you to plan your wedding?
We were engaged for 14 months and used the entire time to plan the wedding…even up until midnight before the wedding!  We were driving around town trying to find someplace with nice wrapping paper to make a card box.

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When did you know that your wedding gown was “the one”?
I was interested in a short dress, but since that’s not necessarily a popular option for a wedding gown, I started by doing lots of research online.  When I first saw this Ian Stuart Va Va Voom gown, I wasn’t sure about it because I wasn’t in love with the shoulder strap, but throughout my research I just kept coming back to this particular gown.

I finally decided that it was time to make an appointment at the closest shop near me that carried the designer, White of Dublin in Dublin, Ohio.  They didn’t have a sample of this particular dress, so they had one brought in just so that I could try it on.  This was the first dress I tried on and it was love at first sight!  I did try on several other gowns, but I bought this dress the very day I tried it on.

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What is your absolute favorite memory from your wedding day?
I know it sounds cliche, but it’s impossible to pick one moment because the day was just so perfect!  But if I had to choose one, I would say that one of my favorite moments was our thank you speech at the reception right before dinner.  My husband and I stood up, looked around the room and were awed by the presence and love of our friends and family who traveled from all over the country to be here on our special day.

Another special memory is of my 6 year old niece singing a song to me and my husband–it was so sweet!!  Okay and one more–my sister’s (who was also my maid of honor) speech.  It was so funny, moving and was actually the only thing that made me cry that day!

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Why did you decide to get your wedding gown cleaned and preserved?
I love my dress and want it to stay in the best condition possible–after all, I might want to wear it again someday!

Why did you decide to get your gown cleaned by a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists?
I was hesitant to take my dress just anywhere and Dublin Cleaners was recommended to me by White of Dublin.  And I must say, I was very pleased with my service!  Margaret at Dublin Cleaners was great to work with and very responsive to my questions.  She also contacted me before doing anything we hadn’t previously discussed so that I would know exactly what was happening to my gown.

It took a bit longer than initially estimated to get the gown back to me, but she called me in advance to let me know that was going to happen so I wasn’t waiting around.  I haven’t taken my gown out of the chest since getting it back, but from what I can tell it looks great!

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Photographer Credit: Ricky Chan Photography