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Gown Care Tips

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Care Tips: For Very Special Care of Your Very Special Wedding Gown

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Always . . . hang your wedding gown by loops inside your wedding gown that are connected to the sturdy side seams, never by the fragile shoulder seams that can stretch or sag under the weight of your wedding gown

Always . . . avoid storing your wedding gown in a plastic bag (even a clean sheet is better than a plastic bag) or in a vacuum-sealed, plastic-wrapped container because plastic bags emit fumes that can yellow your wedding gown and shrink-wrapped containers trap moisture that can mildew your wedding gown. Also, the static electricity from the plastic plus the trapped moisture combine to set wrinkles that cannot be pressed out of your gown

Always . . . ask what precautions the Specialist takes to protect delicate trims and decorations on your wedding gown and how the cleaner guards against latent stains on your wedding gown

Always . . . choose a Specialist who will process your wedding gown in the Specialist’s own facility, never one who sends your wedding gown away to be cleaned

Always . . . ask to inspect your wedding gown personally before it is put into the container, which should be a completely acid-free, archival-quality wedding chest lined with fabric or acid-free tissue

Always . . . ask who, today or thirty-five years or more from today, is going to honor the guarantee

Always . . . avoid storing your wedding gown in the attic or basement where there are extreme changes in temperature or humidity

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