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Briana’s Wedding Gown Cleaning in California

Briana’s Wedding Gown Cleaning in California

Beautifully radiant bride Briana hosted an exhilarating ceremony in San Francisco, sharing her Day with friends and family. Among the attendees was Briana’s 102-year-old grandmother, and her presence made the entire fête that much more special for Briana and her loved ones! Read more below for heartwarming photographs by Ana Schechter and to see our entire interview with Briana. We are glad to note that GreenStreets Cleaners took great care of the bride’s gorgeous gown, restoring it to pristine condition following an entire day of ebullient celebrations.

When was your wedding date and where was it held?
Sunday, May 29, 2016, at Stable Cafe in San Francisco, California.

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Who is the designer of your gown?
Both the dress and the beaded jacket that I wore during the reception were designed by Bo & Luca, an Australian designer.  I purchased the dress at a boutique in San Francisco called LOHO Bride (stands for “League of Her Own”).

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When did you know that your gown was “the one”?
I had visited what felt like all of the wedding dress stores in San Francisco with my (very patient and supportive) mother.  I was feeling overwhelmed and really worried that I wouldn’t find anything that felt like “me.”  Luckily, a friend recommended that I check out LOHO Bride, and I had saved that appointment for last.  Unlike my experience at other stores, where I could barely find a single dress to try on that I liked, at LOHO, there were so many beautiful dresses to try on that I couldn’t even fit them all into my appointment.  I left undecided between my two favorites – one with long sleeves, and the other, the one that I chose.  I came back about a week later, still undecided, and my mom helped me select on the one that I purchased.  I was still a bit sad not to have long sleeves (a style I pinned a lot on Pinterest!!), so, after I purchased the dress, the store helped me find the beaded jacket that I absolutely LOVE, and wore for much of my wedding reception.

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What is your absolute favorite memory from your wedding day?
I have many favorite memories.  To my surprise, I really enjoyed my first dance with my husband.  We are both shy and absolutely not dancers.  I was definitely nervous about our dance – we had not choreographed the moves, and I had no idea how we would look.  However, we had some really fun times playing around while dancing to our song at home, and it was fun just letting loose with him!  It was also really cool having the lights dimmed, with flashes going off all around us. We felt like stars!  (The song was “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship.)

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What made your wedding ceremony feel extra special?
I loved our ceremony!  One of my favorite moments was at the beginning of our ceremony, when, as part of the Jewish tradition, I walked in circles around my husband, and then he walked around me.  I didn’t expect to cry (other than walking down the aisle with my parents – during which time I didn’t shed a single tear), but I found myself becoming quite emotional.  The tears really started coming when I had an opportunity to look around at all of my loved ones, including my 102-year-old grandma, who hardly ever makes it out of the house!

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Why did you want to get your gown cleaned?
I very much enjoyed wearing my dress, and am appreciative of all the effort that the designer, LOHO Bride, and the tailor put into making sure my dress was exactly to my liking.  However, I only plan to get married once, and don’t see any reason to hold onto such a beautiful dress if I won’t wear it again.  So, I have it listed online, and hope to sell it to another bride to be!

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Why did you decide to get your gown cleaned by a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists?
The tailor recommended GreenStreets Cleaners (an Association of Wedding Gown Specialists member) in San Francisco, and the Yelp reviews are overwhelmingly positive.  With such an expensive and special garment, I wanted to make sure that the dress was in good hands for its cleaning.

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Photography credit: Ana Schechter of Ana Photo NYC