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Alexandra’s Wedding Dress Preservation in Ohio

Alexandra’s Wedding Dress Preservation in Ohio

Bride Alexandra—who got married in a historical castle situated in coastal Tuscany—brought the nuptial ceremony to a conclusion at Dublin Cleaners in Ohio, where her exquisite Ian Stuart gown was masterfully cleaned and preserved. Read Alexandra’s touching remarks about her special day and see more photos in our Q&A’s below!


When was your wedding and where did it take place?

My wedding was June 24th 2014 and it took place in a 16th Century Castle named Castello Di Magona in Campiglia Marittima, Livorno Italy.

0113 Alexandra20e20David IMGL0509

How long was your engagement?

It was a year and a half because we had to do a ton of paperwork so that we could get our marriage license in Italy.

0079 Alexandra20e20David D4A4855

Who is the designer of your wedding gown?

Ian Stuart; the gown is an Antoinette Ivory with clear beading.

1858 Alexandra20e20David D4A4758

When did you know that your gown was “the one”?

I knew it was the moment I saw it—it was breathtaking in a fairytale “marrying the love of your life” sort of way.

0111 Alexandra20e20David IMGL0430

What is your absolute favorite memory from your wedding day?

Every moment was full of love and a lifetime of memories and here is one of those memories: it was our first dance and our song was playing, Volcano by Damien Rice, the music suddenly stopped playing but my husband held me tight and kept singing softly in my ear. We kept dancing until he sang the entire song to me. This is the epitome of how he is truly always my safe place.

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Why did you want to get your gown cleaned and preserved?

I wanted to get my gown preserved so that ten years from now I can put the dress back on and my husband and I can celebrate our memories of that beautiful day filled with so much love. It also gives me the opportunity to look at the dress and be flooded with the wonderful memories of that day whenever I want.

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Why did you decide to get your gown cleaned by a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists?

My wedding day was one of the most important and special days of my life and I wanted to make sure that it was in the best of hands when it came to the preservation of my gown. Margaret Butler, with the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, at Dublin Cleaners was so communicative, friendly, and truly showed how much she cared about each dress she preserves. I felt at ease and that my dress was in good hands, which made it an easy decision to have my dress cleaned by Margaret.

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Photography credit: Andrea Corsi